Discover what is on the Fathers heart for your life

When you know your identity and are living your destiny you feel alive and can live life to the full (John 10:10)
I believe that one of the keys to living in your destiny is hearing the voice of the Father speaking into your life.
I help people discover there God given destiny by giving prophetic words from the Fathers heart to theirs.
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I want a word - I need a quick response
This ministry is only possible because people give, for this reason I choose to honor those who give into this ministry by placing them first on the list for receiving words. This usually means they will get a reply within 3 days (Please allow upto 1 week in case I am travelling). By giving you make all of the other ministry possible. If you would like it is also possible to receive a word each month. We would ask for a donation of 25 USD Thank you for your generosity.

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I want a word - I would like to decide if and how much I give after I get the word
I give words out as a ministry on a first come first served basis. There can be a significant wait for these words depending on how many people have asked for a word and what other ministry I am involved with. If after receiving a word you would like to give to help make it possible to minister to others any donation would be very welcome. Click here.


A word about discernment

The bible encourages us all to discern any words that are given to us (1 Corinthians 14:29). We see in part and be prophecy in part. (1 Corinthians 13:9) It is important that before you make any major changes in life that you take time to pray and to seek God's will. Prophecy can help us in this process BUT it must not be the only basis of our decisions. It is needed to seek the counsel and advise of others, maybe a friend who has been a believer for a longer time or a pastor. It is also needed to look if the bible speaks about this subject. You have the final responsibility for your choices and so it is important that you truly take the time that is needed.

If you receive any word that seems to contradict the word of God or the advice or teaching of your church you should rather go with the direction of those who you are under authority of. If something that you hear is unclear or you are uneasy about it I encourage you to speak to a mature believer.

My prayer is that any prophecies given will be helpful to you. I am only human and it can happen that for whatever reason I miss something or I misunderstand something and so you should never take these words as the "Direction of God" but as words that are from God, spoken through a weak human messenger.

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Some feedback from people receiving words

"The words the Lord gave you are phenomenal and so right on!!!"

"you have no idea how much joy this brings me right now!"

"I am truly blessed to receive this word and I especially appreciate your gentle voice in delivering it to me."

"Much of what you said I feel confirmed and affirmed in my spirit. I am excited."

"I was surprised by what you said. This is all happening now."

"I am so grateful. How can I ever thank you?"

"I would like to confirm the prophecy to true."

"The message i receive is 100% true! Even with fact that i was wondering how to begin a training in playing piano."

"Thanks for the prophetic words.They were very uplifting."

"A lot of what you have spoken has confirmed what the Lord has already being saying. It has also given me a some more clarity and understanding."

"The Lords Word through you has perfect timing."

"I am so grateful. How can I ever thank you?"

Request a prophetic Word

Please click on the link below for yourself or a friend. Please note that it can take some time to get to your word. If you need a quicker response please consider making a donation towards this ministry because those words are given priority
(Because they help to cover the costs of the free words)

My Story

I have always had a prophetic inclination and many times I would see things happening before others. This is mixture of both a Spiritual Prophetic gift and also a strong natural intuition and a strong ability to empathies with others feelings combined with an analytical mind.

After years of ministering quietly in the prophetic I was challenged to get more training and to step out more and more. As i started to increasingly minister in the prophetic I could see that this was soon becoming a major ministry for me and it was impacting peoples lives with many people saying that the words they got through me confirmed things for them or that the words I was giving were accurate.

During a life crisis and with prospect of loosing my income God got my attention and gently said "Do you trust me? Would you like to make your passion your job?" At this point I knew that I was being challenged to step out in faith (Like so many times during my life) and to say Daddy if I give words for you will you provide for me.

I struggled for a while with the question of how to finance a full time prophetic ministry. If it is ok to ask for money or not. There are many answers to these questions and I won't get into arguments. What I will say is that God gave me a model that I follow. I offer people 2 options, they can always get a word for free (With the option to give later if the word blessed them and they want to bless others) or if people want to get a word more quickly or just simply to support my ministry they can give and get to the top of the waiting list. This model means that those who are helping cover the costs for those who maybe can't afford to give are being blessed for their generosity but no one is being turned away.